Using the information model of the object reduces cost of the building operation as well as its construction. According to data from various sources, approximately 10% of the cost of the project is lost at the design stage; up to 20% can be lost at the construction stage only on reinforced concrete structures. This is due to the fact that on paper when designing and calculating the estimate documentation, the cost is taken with a margin. So, if no errors were found, the remaining funds simply dissolve in the pockets of the developers.

Using BIM provides quick and accurate estimates for construction with an error of only 2%. This approach significantly saves money and time for the customer, simplifies the work of designers and does not allow the developer to waste investments. Such an accurate calculation is possible due to the information contained in the model about all units, materials of the building as well as their scope.

Pre-design work in BIM

Developments in the BIM information model significantly save time and money spent on the operation and construction of the building. Information contained in the pre-design solution may be used in the development of design documentation.

BIM’s exclusion from the tools when designing and creating documentation stretches the time, since all work must be started from scratch. It has a negative influence on the terms and, of course, the cost of the design.

Planning and control of construction in BIM

Construction control and planning in BIM is built on the use of the information model of the object. Visualization is available in a three-dimensional (3D) model which clearly shows what stages are available for the implementation of the construction. Calculation of the estimate and its validation is available as soon as possible. After eliminating collisions and contradictions in the design, BIM allows with the minimal deviation from the budget to complete the construction phase according to the estimate.

Building’s operation on the BIM model basis

Information about materials, equipment and suppliers which is inserted into the information model of the building makes it possible to control the warranty period for the use of this equipment and materials. Minor adjustments of the model make it possible to obtain the actual location of the units and objects.

Commitments related to warranty service are also included in the information model for simplicity of operation and maintenance of the building. Thanks to the inserted information, we can find out in advance which units need replacing or servicing. Such a replacement increases the quality of the structure and makes it possible to spend less money.

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Features of working with V-GRAND engineering

BIM in V-GRAND engineering is a design poetry. Our subject- matter experts carry out designs of any complexity and guarantee the terms and quality of solutions. We have our own experience and algorithms for creating information models. So our company is ready to guarantee compliance with the standards and requirements for construction and design.

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