CAD Drawing Development (CAD Drafting)

Today many production processes are automated with robots and software. Computer design has become an integral part of this process. In the past, construction drawings, component and node design were carried out manually on paper. CAD programs automated this process. Architects, engineers and designers can now create their projects digitally. With CAD software, it is possible to construct any model in an imaginary space, which allows visualizing parameters such as height, width, distance, material or color, even before the model is used in a particular project.

What is CAD?

Computer Aided Design (CAD) is a software for computer-aided design. It covers a wide range of tools used by professionals in various fields such as architecture, metalworking, carpentry and 3D printing, space design and computer game modeling, construction and, of course, engineering design. CAD tools help its users to perform thousands of complex geometric calculations in the background, without even having to think about it. With CAD software, making blueprints and plans becomes much easier and, frankly, more fun, because it is quite evident that few people like to do mathematical calculations by hand.

Computer aided design also simplifies the documents workflow of the project. Data generated by CAD can be used as a design plan for printing in the form of a drawing or as a legal document, and then archived current information on the progress of construction. The data generated by CAD can be used as a design plan for printing in the form of a drawing or as a legal document, which reflects the progress of construction. This data can be archived.

CAD files are useful as cartographic content, and often capture proposed project information that depicts project progress. CAD drawings are often the source of new infrastructure or changes in the natural environment and can be used to update GIS data.

Advantages of Using CAD Drafting

There are several advantages to using CAD computer design as a design and analysis tool.


Makes it possible to create and visualize 2D or 3D objects, to make the necessary number of changes with less effort than drawing a pencil on paper.


The digital representation in CAD is very close to real life, which makes it accurate to a certain level. You can also add as many details as you need.


Finding errors in the design process is extremely difficult, but CAD programs can help with a high degree of precision. Some of the more complex CAD programs allow simulations to be carried out to identify conflicts.


CAD software is available for almost every professional sector with specialized functions and tools that make it widely applicable.


You have the opportunity to transfer your computer design to the real world in the form of a physical object, ordering the development of the CAD-model. This would be more difficult and expensive if traditional manufacturing methods were used.

Another advantage of professional software is that it provides high accuracy during the planning and design phases of the facility. A detailed design means that no errors will occur during construction, which in turn saves time and money and reduces waste.


Popular software types for computer-aided CAD model design that companies use include AutoCAD, Revit, SolidWorks, Inventor, Civil 3D, MicroStation, CATIA, Creo, Siemens NX, etc.

Development of CAD drawings in AutoCAD is the most used tool in industrial and civil engineering, as well as in engineering systems design. AutoCAD is extremely popular in all types of drawing, engineering and design, from carpentry and construction to the cutting of plastics or other materials for custom-made parts. Large and small enterprises introduce AutoCAD and its capabilities into their business processes.

Advantages of Cooperation with the Company V-GRAND

Design and engineering company V-GRAND provides various high-quality design services including CAD-drawing services. We can provide any type of technical drawings at all stages of the project, including architectural and structural plans of floors, diagrams of engineering systems, sections, facades, technological circuits, etc.

Whatever the nature and scope of your project, our specialists will work with you to achieve the goals and deadlines of your project.

We use highly detailed programs for CAD drafting services such as AutoCAD, Revit.

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