The construction industry of the XXI century is actively using new technologies aimed at automating the design process of objects – building information modeling (BIM). This way of creating a new industrial, civil building made it possible to improve the quality of project documents produced. However, in a three-dimensional environment, where multiple divisions are involved, all kinds of intersections occur.

What is worth knowing about clashes in building?

A clash is an error made at the stage of the design of a building, consisting either in overlapping the boundaries of the objects to be designed, or in contradiction and inconsistency of the sections of a single project. The identification of conflicts according to BIM models in domestic and foreign practice is carried out by searching for three main types of contradictions:

Clashes of engineering systems can be technological and geometric. The first results in a breakdown of the operating conditions of the entire system, difficulties in the installation process. The latter are related to the intersection of individual elements or objects which result not only in the physical overlapping of parts of the structure, but also in non-compliance with the distances between them specified in ISO and other regulations.

What causes clashes, and how to detect them?

In a model as complex as three-dimensional design, it is almost impossible to avoid errors, as several divisions are involved at the same time. That is what leads to intersections. It is worth mentioning that in most cases the cause of contradictions is the human factor, since the main role of creation of a constructive knot is assigned to the person. Experience showed that it is impossible to detect clashes in a model directly on a monitor. This is why the programs aimed at identifying and eliminating all possible errors and the design-engineering company V-GRAND come to the help.

The crossing check shall be carried out in two ways:

Full range of services

Clashes testing in Navisworks involves several stages: preparation of separate interdisciplinary models, their testing, which is necessary for creation of a composite model, assembly of a single model, formation of combinations for pairwise testing of different sections of the project, creation of inspection rules, sequencing and prioritization of inspections, start of automation process of errors detection repetition of inspection cycle, etc. The verification report is presented as a table in html format.

Application Navisworks has an additional Clash Detective module. It allows searching for flaws on the following real-time search options in the task, which are:

The intersection report is provided in the form of a list of identified clashes, which can be examined to visualize each overlay on the screen, illuminating the points of contact of the elements.

V-GRAND is an effective collision detection assistant

The design and engineering company V-GRAND provides services for the detection of collisions of BIM-models of buildings of any purpose.

Our team engineers will test for collisions in Revit, Navisworks. In fact, we have modern information modelling technologies that allow detecting design errors in the early stages, which will save the customer from great expenses on elimination of defects in the construction process.

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