Cosmetic Manufacture Design

The beauty industry is becoming increasingly technological, from artificial intelligence to 3D printing, augmented reality and DNA analysis. Cosmetic manufacture design is a complex process requiring compliance with ISO 22716 Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as other ISO regulations.

Clean Technologies for Cosmetic Manufacture

The production of decorative cosmetics and body and facial care products is mandatory with the use of clean technologies. Cosmetics technology is based on the rules of good manufacturing practice in the perfumery and cosmetic industries and is regulated by ISO Cosmetics – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) as well as other ISO regulations.

According to these standards, the perfumery and cosmetics industry for the production of most of its products must adhere to conditions close to the production of drugs, as cosmetics and perfumes come in direct contact with the human body.

Neglect of work area planning, improper design of auxiliary facilities and improper installation of ventilation systems may lead to regular contamination of airspace by harmful substances, chemical vapors and other particles, causing illnesses, allergic reactions and skin irritation. The production of quality and safe perfumery or cosmetic products without the use of clean rooms and clean zones is simply impossible.

Design and engineering company V-GRAND specializes in the design of technological facilities for the production of cosmetic products, in particular the design of clean rooms for the production of cosmetics and perfumery. The company’s specialists have the skills and experience in complex design and construction of clean rooms, laboratories, sterile production environments and production plants.

In the field of cosmetic design, V-GRAND offers:

Advantages of Cooperation with the Company V-GRAND

V-GRAND designs and selects the technological equipment for the production of cosmetics products – from the preparation of pre-project proposals to the detailed development of the project of the production technology, according to the customer’s specifications.

The unlimited understanding and experience of process design in biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries, as well as in complex production processes make it possible to provide our clients with innovative solutions, which can be effectively integrated into production operations.

Working within the framework of the legislative and regulatory framework, V-GRAND develops projects for cosmetics production, taking into account good manufacturing practices (GMP).

You can find out the cost of developing the project by sending the technical assignment to e-mail.

V-GRAND is the individual technological solutions for production premises.

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