Design and engineering company V-GRAND carries out complex, all-inclusive preparation of the decisions for design documentation development for Greenfield and Brownfield Parks, preparation of master plan and design buildings. Such complex, all-inclusive preparation includes:

* definition of the optimal site for the industrial Park creation;

* development of the infrastructure options for the Park’s territory, estimation of the capital expenditures for infrastructure facilities creation;

* audit of the selected site to determine the site potential and to identify risks before the investment stage;

* functional zoning;

* scheme for the future residents accommodation;

* the Park’s transport scheme;

* determination of the forecasted indicators of energy resources consumption as well as for the other types of resources;

* estimating the volume of costs for creating infrastructure facilities for the future Park;

* basic pre-design solutions for the future Park creation.

The site requirements are determined individually for each project:

* convenient logistic location;

* access to engineering infrastructure;

* good location in terms of the sanitary protection zones;

* proximity to the markets;

* labor potential;

* audit of the industrial site for the Park’s creation (audit of the industrial site is necessary for the territory expert review).

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