The purpose of the object is to provide different services to the population in the field of temporary accommodation, trading, food, utility (health- improvement services).

The project envisages the next functional groups of premises:

Ground floor: production and storage premises; vegetable, meat and fish workshop, pantry of products; non-food shop; break room for staff; premises for ski storage; sanitary; dressing room, bathroom, laundry for staff, cleaning equipment room; 

First floor: restaurant area for 80 seats – kitchen area, dinner sets storage, dish washing station, dinner area, production premises; administrative premises; security premises; luggage storage; sanitary premises – restroom, dressing room, cleaning equipment room, area for staff.

Second floor: hotel premises for 22 places including accommodation rooms, premises group of for health-improvement with massage room, aroma room, water procedure premises; sanitary premises.

Third floor: bar with utility room, sanitary premises.

Total area:

7 840.89 square meters

Scope of project included:

Design development, Construction documentation


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