Characteristics of industrial design

Constructing of industrial buildings usually takes place in a modular construction. Buildings and complexes, which include separate buildings, are created on the basis of modular blocks.

Technological design of industrial facilities is carried out according to the modular specifics:

* frames are installed on the foundation as a supporting rack;

* frames must be positioned strictly parallel to each other (it’s a key requirement for the design of industrial facilities of the modular system);

* bench constructions and roofs are attached to the beams;

* position of the door and window openings is determined during the design.

Modular system is characterized by the high construction efficiency because it provides minimum terms for installation. That’s why design work must be carried out with a high precision.

Our company carries out industrial design for such sectors as mechanical engineering, metallurgy, pharmacy, food industry, agrarian industry, etc.

Special attention is required for the design of dangerous industrial facilities such as:

* gas distribution networks and stations;

* lifting facilities and mechanisms;

* facilities of metallurgy, coal and mining industry, plant raw materials processing.

The main feature of industrial design is that the buildings and their parts have different types of functional purpose. The framework as a bearing element of such constructions must meet the highest standards of strength and must provide fire safety requirements. Design engineers of the company V-GRAND have a colossal experience in designing industrial and production facilities. So they can easily cope with the tasks of various complexities.

Our company provides services for the design and organization of industrial facilities. We guarantee a responsible approach, integrated solutions and application of the latest technologies in the implementation of projects.

The design of industrial facilities is a complex process. It includes the development of documentation for the erection of the various buildings for production and/or technical purposes such as:

* factories;

* factory workshops;

* storages;

* depots;

* points and stations of maintenance;

* administrative and office buildings;

* pumping stations;

* constructions for special equipment.

V-Grand company’s specialists will undertake the design and construction of industrial facilities regardless of the degree of complexity and will ensure the high-quality implementation of the assigned tasks.

We guarantee the quality and the observance of terms when designing industrial and civil facilities. We also provide a full cycle of services from documentation to control of the construction process.

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