Characteristics of industrial design

Construction of industrial buildings usually takes place in a modular design. Buildings and complexes, which include separate buildings, are created on the basis of modular blocks.

Modular system is characterized by the high construction efficiency because it provides minimum terms for installation. That’s why design work must be carried out with a high precision.​

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Technological design of industrial facilities is carried out according to the modular specifics:

Our company carries out industrial design for such sectors as mechanical engineering, steel industry, pharmacy, food industry, agrarian industry etc. Special attention is required for the design of dangerous industrial facilities such as:

The main feature of industrial design is that the buildings and their parts have different types of functional purpose. The framework as a bearing element of such constructions must meet the highest standards of strength and must provide fire safety requirements. Design engineers of the company V-GRAND have a colossal experience in designing industrial and production facilities. Our company develops projects any degree of complexity.

V-GRAND provides services for the design and organization of industrial facilities. Responsible approach to any task and integrated solutions. Our spesialists use modern computer-aided design software that provides high quality of work.

Design of industrial facilities is a complex process. It includes the development of design documents for the construction of the various buildings for production and/or technical purposes such as:

V-GRAND designs industrial and civil facilities as scheduled and with high-quality. We provide a full cycle of services – from design documents up to control the process of construction.

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