Services include full customer support with the possibility of implementing architectural supervision of the project.

We carry out the whole range of services for the development, coordination and support of design documentation, acting at various stages of design development as the general designer, and the developer of individual sections of the design.

Among the main stages of the implementation of any designt are the following:

Basic Engineering

Design Documentation

Expert’s report

Engineering Documentation

Architectural supervision

The leading technical staff of the company’s specialists took part in the implementation of designs both in a modern history of the country’s industry formation, and in Soviet times.


responsibility for result;

quality guarantee;

comprehensive approach to project implementation;

professionalization of our employees;

improvement (introduction of modern technologies);

value the importance of partnership.





In the staff of the company V-GRAND there are teams of professionals in the field:

* architecture and design;

* landscape architecture;

* design of industrial buildings and structures:

* design of engineering communications;

* research and design of buildings and structures;

* industrial and process engineering;

* physical metallurgy and heat treatment;

* metallurgical machinery and equipment;

* metallurgy;

* industrial and civil engineering;

* estimate business;

* underground constructions of industrial and civil purpose;

* hydropower and power engineering;

* special engineering industry;

* machine building technology;

* technological machinery and equipment;

* mechanical engineering technique and production techniques;

* material and equipment;

* economy and organization of construction;

* economics and management in metallurgy;

* radio electronics;

* manufacturing of electronic components;

* automation of production processes;

* environmental protection and natural resource management;

* safety of construction and technological systems.

Peculiarity of the organization of the future enterprise must be taken into account at all stages of development. It is necessary to take into account the requirements not only to the technology of the future enterprise, but also the possibilities of expanding and increasing the operational rates of the facility.

Solutions, taken at different stages of design development, should be coordinated between related sections of design documentation. They also must meet modern trends in science and technology and comply with current regulations and rules.

Industrial Technology Park is a striking example of such design.

Advantages of working with V-GRAND engineering

Our company has been working in the field of designing and developing various technological solutions for a long time. During this time, the company’s potential has improved substantially, the technical base has increased, and more highly skilled professionals began to work in our team.

All our employees have considerable experience in the creation of technological solutions, the proper organization of work, in the implementation of construction and architectural solutions, as well as in the design of all types of supply lines and other types of work.

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