Architectural and planning solutions are the scope of work that is aimed at creating a full package of design documentation. Development of architectural and planning complex solutions is one of the activities of the company V-GRAND. Our company’s specialists will carry out a large amount of work with the integrated approach to constructive, general functional and artistic requirements for the building.

Design of space-planning construction solutions consists of certain social, engineering, technical, environmental regulations and rules. They are listed in one of the sections of the documentation for design development and further construction.

Work on the architectural and planning integrated solution includes several sections:

Cost of planning solutions depends on the amount of work performed and the level of complexity of all documentation. The planning solution is responsible for the general conceptual characteristics of the erected building, its ergonomic indicators, and the planning scheme.

Development of architectural and planning solutions and space-planning solutions

Development of space-planning solutions includes also design, engineering and budgeting sections.

Development of planning construction solutions with the company V-GRAND consists of a design package of materials, which represent the floor plans of the building. Such floor plans are developed taking into account the entire planning scheme.

We offer space-planning design solutions for the development of design estimates for industrial buildings and for buildings of civil and administrative purposes.

Such solutions include a number of requirements that are taken into account in the development of design documentation. They are:

  1. Functional and spatial (ensure the correct ratio of location of dwelling units and store-rooms depending on their purpose).
  2. Engineering and construction (choice of a baseline design of the building frame).
  3. Economic (creation of comfortable conditions at extremely rational and economical application of useful space).
  4. Artistic and architectural (choosing of shape and exterior of the erected building).

Cost of planning solutions in the company V-GRAND depends on the degree of complexity and the amount of work to be done. Solutions that are made at various stages of the development of design documentation are completely coordinated with different sections and meet the modern building requirements.

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