While creating the correct BIM model, all the process of information design is divided into conditional stages. They in turn are determined by the need of step-by-step detailing for design and documentation.

So for example, you can conventionally divide the whole project into such stages as:

  1. Preliminary design – data collection and coordination of work processes between teams involved in the design of a particular building.​
  2. Stage “Design documentation” (stage “D”) is aimed at passing the expertise, and uses in its toolbox the detailing at the LOD 300.​​
  3. Stage “Working documentation” (stage “W”) is the detailing developed at the stage of the working documentation. It is usually presented at the LOD 400. This makes it possible to simplify the coordination of engineering solutions.​

Stage “Design documentation”

BIM model for the presentation of design documentation is developed in a volume which allows passing the expertise confidently. Engineering systems are calculated in profile software, which guarantees accuracy and eliminates errors. Usage of diagrams, drawings and cuts created on the basis of the BIM model must be processed in “Design Documentation” Drawings. It is usually enough to develop a model of detailing LOD 300 for passing the expertise.

V-GRAND develops solutions in such sections:

  1. EE – energy efficiency;
  2. EP – environmental protection;
  3. FS – fire safety;
  4. CD – civil defense;
  5. ES – emergencies.

Common drawings do not give that volume of understanding of the future building model, unlike the BIM model. The information models created using Computer aided design system are able to conduct research of a different nature. The results of such studies as much as possible represent the conditions for the existence of a real building.

At the same time, it is not necessary to carry out calculations and ask expert opinions in addition to it. Such data are sufficiently accurate and on their basis further calculations and design can be carried out.

Stage “Design Documentation” with the using of the information model avoids design errors, collisions and inconsistencies.

Stage “Working documentation”

Graphics and information of the BIM model, performed at the LOD 400, allow coordination for any decisions in any sections of the project. It is the most accurate and detailed model. Only the model of the LOD 500, made by the engineering company V-GRAND, can surpass it by information content.

The engineering systems, calculated in the project with the detailing of the LOD 400, is the most capacitive model, which has information literally about each engineering node, solution, equipment, etc. Model contains everything necessary for the implementation of the construction phase, such as exact dimensions, location and binding of the elements.

V-GRAND draws up the specification, forming it according to the normative documentation. Our company issues solutions and representations of the BIM in any convenient for the customer form.

Checking the model for errors, collisions, etc. takes place at all stages, regardless of the level of the information model and its detailing. This ensures that errors of any kind are minimized, which in turn determines the cost of the final project. Since any error missed at the stage ‘D” or “W” will entail enormous costs for its elimination. If, of course, it is not BIM, in which the probability of such errors is completely dissipates.

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