Technical solutions and general planning in BIM

Existence of recoverable data about objects in the information model is an excellent indicator of its efficiency. Information about materials, products, objects makes it possible to calculate the scope of land works.

BIM model, being dynamic, corrects itself any changes made to the previously developed documentation. Such approach makes it possible to update the contents and a set of drawings from the working documentation as soon as possible.

Marks modification is guaranteed to affect the entire model which automatically makes edit in all parts of the design.

Architectural solutions in BIM

Construction of the structures within the design is based on the information about materials, dimensions, arrangement in the space and thermal properties. Space and category of the building is displayed in the model information, which also contains axles and levels, zones and all the facilities.

Constructive solutions in BIM

Information about the spatial location of bearing structures makes it possible to get a constructive BIM model specification of the construction object. The accessible and visual information allows viewing and checking the location of the foundation, beams, piles, roofing, etc. At the same time, the elements are assigned technical characteristics and materials.

According to the requirements for the structure the reinforcing modelling is performed with the assignment of protective layers for the reinforcement. Step of the rods and studs is specified in the layout with the assignment of the class and diameter.

Development of a data set includes technical specifications of steel, elements, elements’ layout of the placement, drawings (including cuts, schemes and types of monolithic and other structures), and steel consumption.

Minimizing the probability of collisions of elements in constructive solutions is possible only with the use of BIM design.

Engineering solutions in BIM

Engineering systems include all model elements. Pipelines and ventilation systems have exact sizes, slopes, cross section, direction and connectors, including insulation and fittings. All information is entered into the information model where the pressure loss, the moving environment and its consumption are clearly showed. Based on this information, it is possible to create specifications and drawings for issuance to specialists.

Characteristics of the electricity network with the exact sizes of the equipment, the cable meter and the location of all elements are also included in the information model of the building. Boxes and electric boards are displayed on the drawings in the form of a linear organizational structure of the connections between the consumer and the boards. Sections and exact sizes of the boxes are entered in the model. All of this is automatically calculated. It saves time and, what is the most important, prevents errors, which can occur because of the specialist’s carelessness.

Development of assembling parts and lines is made taking into account the verification of the collisions’ presence. Connections with the indication of the trademark and class of the element are presented in all drawings.

It is much easier to communicate between specialists of different directions in the information model environment. It prevents the change in the presentation of information and makes it possible to monitor all changes at any stage of the design.

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