Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual reality (VR) immerses the user in the virtual world, using the senses: vision, hearing and touch. Nowadays, VR demonstrates successful application not only in the gaming industry, but also in the business industry, construction, engineering, auto industry and airline industry.

VR technologies allow showing an object not yet built, feeling the scale and space, assessing the layout of an apartment or building. Creation VR showrooms for apartments, hotels and motels (VR Cave) gives user the possibility to move around the room or even across floors. Development of VR simulators for pilots and drivers as well as creation of training programs for students allows simulating of various situations. All this contributes to the consolidation of new practical skills. The benefits of VR technology are invaluable.

Virtual reality technologies in design

Design construction sites using VR technologies allows you:

VR 360 technology adds a special convenience that allows you to see the object from the inside from all angles. It also gives a sense of presence indoors. By directing the cursors, you can view the room around you in 360°, including the ceiling and floor, as well as study in detail the layout of the room, color solutions, and design.

Synchronization of VR and BIM

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an integral part of building design. Synchronization VR with BIM allows you to evaluate details such as the quality and type of material, used in the construction of the facility. Already at this stage, you can make changes.

In other words, VR in BIM is the visualization of a project for better understanding by specialists in different fields. Virtual reality allows you to demonstrate effectively a project. Thus, investors, developers and other specialists are able to make decisions much faster. Virtual Reality also breaks down the language barrier. If you need to present a project to foreign investors, just let them completely immerse themselves in your visual presentation.

Working with V-GRAND, you get modern design solutions that will help your business grow. Do not be afraid of new technologies, get to know them better, and you will understand that this is a new stage in architecture and construction. Stay one-step ahead of your competitors, and apply for a design now.

Reconstruction of the storage building, Virtual Reality

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