Main goal of the project is organizing the production of wines of different varieties.

The project provides for the use of modern technological equipment, which ensures a high level of mechanization and automation of technological processes.

All manufacturing facilities of the winery are located below the 0.000 mark. Thus, manufacturing is naturally protected from sudden temperature surges, which will significantly reduce energy consumption to create normal microclimate parameters in manufacturing facilities in accordance with the requirements of the technological process.

In accordance with the accepted technological processes, the project provides for the following functional groups of premises:

Shop for sorting and crushing grapes; grape cooling chambers; finished goods warehouse; winery landing stage; premises for temporary storage of waste; a room for storing barrels; technological wine room; sanitary facilities.

Microbiological laboratory; laboratory equipment washing room; Oenologist’s office; the premises of the operator of the USAIS (Unified state automated information system for recording the volume of production and turnover of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products); printing room for FSS (federal special stamps); storage room for FSS; technical mezzanine.

Room for wine fermentation; wine aging cellars (first, second year); tasting rooms; premises for washing (glasses, barrels).

Filling department; two rooms for bottle aging; warehouse of empty bottles; warehouse of labels and caps.

Scope of project included:

Design development, Construction documentation

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